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Pièces et métaux Savard
Here is a list of products that we buy to collect them and ... we pay cash for your metals

Vehicles for scrap: Automobiles, trucks, ATVs, heavy machinery, snowmobile, ...

Scrap parts:
Blowers, barbecues, tanks, lawn mowers, tractors, bicycles
Radiators, motors, transmissions, tires, batteries, discs, catalysts
    House sheets, industrial parts, electric motors, ...

Household appliances:

Stoves, ovens, washers, dryers, refrigerators, microwaves
    Electrical appliances, water heaters, computers ...

Metals for recycling:   Ordinary steel, stainless steel (Stainless), cast iron, batteries
    Aluminum, iron, lead, zinc, white metal (Die cast) Copper (wires and pipes), yellow copper (Brass)
    Sheathed copper wires, ...
Copper pipes, rollers, fittings, wires
Aluminum (flat, angle iron, casting, wheel)
We pay a good price:   Container service
    We help our customers unload their stock for sale.
A certified electronic scale gives the exact weight of the stock according to their specificities.
Pièces et métaux Savard
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